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This week was all about our weather!  Here's a look at what we worked on in class.


  • read nonfiction stories about the weather throughout the year.  We also enjoyed Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  We even wrote about the kind of weather we WISH would fall out of the sky.

  • practiced finding our most common words and writing A LOT of things from weather to our 3 letter words.

  • worked on the letter Ii.  Our letters up to this point are:  i, a, b, f, d, g, h, j, l, m, e, n, p, r, s, o, t, v, w, x, y, u, q, z.  Any two letters should be able to be read by your child in any slide combination of a consonant and a vowel.  In addition, any of these letters can be combined to be read as a three letter word.  Our most common words that your child needs to be able to read are:  are, as, his, with, a, and, for, he, it, is, in, on, of, that, to, the, was & you.

  • adding and subtracting within 10

  • worked in our centers on sentence writing, addition, and word families

  • attended an assembly about Summer Journey

  • begin quarter testing


  • We will continue to center our literacy around the topic of weather.

  • Letters c/k

  • Sight words: are, as, his, with

  • Math topic is word problems with unknown addends.


  • April 10 - 14 - No School 

  • April 14 - Conferences (as needed)

  • April 18 - Speedy Spoofhound 5K & Fun Run

  • April 29 - Art Show

  • May 11 - Kindergarten program and graduation